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Anchored in the author's personal experience, Wisdom for Separated Parents traces the long arc of family change through the actual words of men and women who have struggled through separation and co-parenting. These straight and gay parents share their personal experiences.

Decades after separation and divorce they reveal how their families “untangled” and “rearranged,” recognizing kinship and inventing the families we all live in today.

“I did want him to fall off the edge of the earth at one point. It was going to be much easier if he just disappeared. But now, I can’t imagine not having contact with him. Every time there is a passage and these kids seem to have made it to the other side, we can connect. There’s really great tenderness around our parenting. And on Father’s Day, there’s nobody else I could have imagined raising my sons with. He’s a remarkable father.”

(married 1979, separated 1987, divorced 1987, interviewed 2006)


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